CSR team building activity

Sole Responsibility Recycling flip-flop pollution into art

Tổng quan

  • 1 giờ - 1 giờ 30 minutes
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Collaborative
  • Tối thiểu: 10
  • Tối đa: Không giới hạn

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Craft new connections to your company values while you make a difference recycling flip-flop pollution into art, cleans our oceans, and changes lives.
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Bản tóm tắt chương trình

Each team is presented with a variety of colourful flip-flop blanks, craft materials, and mobile construction paraphernalia. Their challenge is turning these basic resources into a moving, and cohesive work of art. With a limited time frame, teams have to decide on a clear vision, maintain constant lines of communication, and re-evaluate their aspirations in line with their deadline.

Teams either work to specific themes, or collaborate to form one giant kinetic sculpture. Their challenge is to creatively interpret this theme by balancing a visual statement with shape, colour, fluidity and spatial relationships.

As the activity concludes, teams celebrate each other’s creations and decorate their environment with a lasting statement of team purpose. Sole Responsibility presents an ethical platform to bond teams and connect with company culture, while contributing to positive societal, and environmental causes.

Kết quả học tập và phát triển

Sole Responsibility promotes innovation, out of the box thinking, and being creative with resources. The appealing nature of the raw material instantly engages participants, and stimulates healthy debate from the outset. The ‘eye to eye’ physical set up of the challenge also promotes an inclusive team dynamic, with all participants feeling comfortably involved.

The activity not only challenges the teams to consider the balance points of mobile construction, but also the fine balance of individual roles in relation to the overall goal. With a lot to achieve in a short space of time, this activity is a fantastic tool for exploring project management. Success requires decisive action, team cohesion, and collaborative individual responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility ideas Corporate Social Responsibility Logo

Ocean Sole is a social enterprise who uphold the ethos of ‘Trade not Aid’. They harvest over 500,000 flip-flops from Kenya’s beaches each year, and employ over 90 local artisans to carve ‘blocks’ of these discarded flips-flops into artistic sculptures. We’ve worked closely with Ocean Sole to develop exclusive, single skin ‘blanks’, one flip-flop in thickness. Once colour coded, glued and sanded, these ‘blanks’ provide a pleasingly tactile, flexible, raw material for creative application.

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